Window Cleaning
High Cleaning
Water Damage
Window Types


Our cleaner are well trained and experienced in the cleaning of all types of windows.
Whether you have storm units that need to be taken apart, french windows, or plain
double hung windows we do them all. No house is to big or too high we can do them
1, 2, 3 stories or more we can reach. We also offer screen cleaning and we don't
just brush them off we scrub with water and cleaner and rinse them off. Water damage removal outside windows and shower doors


Whether you have one window or hundreds we can clean them all. We offer Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or monthly services or anything you may need. We reach up high so don't worry your windows may be to high we have the skill and equipment to reach them.

High rise and commercial buildings

1 story on up as high as your building may be we can clean it. Our team is trained and experienced in bos'n chair work, swing stage work, lift work, and water feed pole work. We comply with all OSHA standards as well as ANSI standards. We are also fully insured and have workercomp insurance. So whether you just need the outside done or both inside and outside cleaned we can do the job.