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There are many types of windows out there some windows slide up some slide side ways and others crank open. We will show 4 basic types of windows we deal with most of the time and how to count your windows

Double hung  window this is the most basic of windows. There is 2 windows in this picture or 4 panes of glass the window open by pulling up on the bottom pane of glass

This is a double hung window too. This window opens side to side, there is one window here or 2 panes of glass

These Types of windows either crank open or don't open at all. There are 2 windows here and 2 panes of glass.

French window this type of window has many panes of glass in it. There are 2 French windows in this picture and 12 panes of glass in them.  Because of the time to clean this type of window we charge a little more to do them.

Storm Windows most windows nowadays are storm window but they are sealed unit and do not come apart. There are some windows that do come apart either they were make that way or they were add to the original windows later. Since there are so many different types of storm window like the ones in the picture it usually is best to have one of our people come out and look at it to give a price.

We hope this give you an ideal how to determine the basic type of window you have and how to count them.